Art can speak louder than words, and stories can sometimes be the greatest teachers. In this section, the theories and general observations presented in other parts of this website are grounded in artists’ individual stories and reflections, and illustrated through artists’ examples of collaborative creative practice. Gillian Howell and Rebecca Russell are both artists who have worked with children and young people in schools and communities “under the umbrella of wellbeing”. Also in this section are examples of activities that have been used within the Artists Training Program as a way for artists to explore their ideas about practicing within a mental health promotion context.

The New Girl at School

Artists bring fresh and creative approaches to exploring mental health themes with students. They can also develop authentic and engaging materials for use by teachers after their residency is over.

Working for Wellbeing

Visual and physical theatre artist Rebecca Russell reflects on her experience of working within a wellbeing framework.

Music & Wellbeing

Gillian Howell, musician and music educator writes about how music “connects us with our healthy selves.”

Magic Moments

A forum theatre-style exercise that explores and articulates some of the significant moments – harmonious and challenging – for artists working across the arts – education – mental health promotion nexus. Activity devised for the Artists Training Program by artists Caitlin Dullard and Anna Loewendahl.

Shadow Words

A non-threatening, confidence-building exercise that explores emotional states and mental health topics using visual images and simple performance.

The Arts Bring

Two activities that draw out the “gifts” that particular art forms can bring to enhance teachers’ and health professionals’ approaches to working for the wellbeing of students.