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Neighbourhood Renewal (NR)


Neighbourhood Renewal is a long-term commitment by the State Government (based with the DHS, or Department of Human Services) to narrow the gap between disadvantaged communities and the rest of the State. It is a new approach that brings together the resources and ideas of residents, governments, businesses and community groups to tackle disadvantage in areas with concentrations of public housing.

What Do They Do?

To achieve these aims, NR tackles local causes of disadvantage, not just the symptoms. It focuses on people and the place where they live, learn, work and play. It engages residents and fosters partnerships between government, business, service providers and the local community. Together they develop local action plans built around six practical objectives:

• increasing community pride and participation
• enhancing housing and the physical environment
• lifting employment and learning opportunities and expanding local economies
• improving personal safety and reducing crime
• promoting health and wellbeing
• improving government responsiveness.

Organisational Structure & Culture

Neighbourhood Renewal is an initiative of the Office of Housing, DHS. Each Local Project has a Co-ordinator and is situated in a specific community locale. The worker may be based in a Neighbourhood House, local government offices, community health centre, etc, but is employed by the Office of Housing.

Why Might They be Involved in a Festival for Healthy Living Project?

The overall objectives of Neighbourhood Renewal align with those of the FHL. Neighbourhood Renewal is well-positioned to leverage funding for an FHL project when this alignment is recognised.

Which Positions/Programs within the Organisation Might be Involved?

The Local Co-ordinator, Project Workers and other key staff such as the Employment and Learning Co-ordinator

Some Pointers for an Effective Relationship

• Familiarise yourself with the profile of the Neighbourhood Renewal area and objectives of the specific Neighbourhood Renewal project.
• Find out about the past and current projects happening in the local area.

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