Planning for projects within the Festival for Healthy Living (FHL) takes place on many different levels, from classroom workshop plans on a micro level to the macro-planning between partner organisations.

At a school level, planning together is vital to building collaborative working relationships. When artists develop a workshop program for students together with teachers and health professionals, there can be rich opportunities to achieve not only great creative processes and outcomes but also important educational and wellbeing outcomes. Artist and teacher Mary French shares a sample of her approach to planning a series of workshops and shows how she considers and involves the classroom teacher.

More broadly, collaborative planning between schools, arts, health and community agencies is integral to building longer-lasting partnerships that can help support individual and community wellbeing. One of the key aims of the FHL program is to promote lasting changes in the way that schools and communities tackle important issues that can impact on the mental health of children and young people. Through building stronger links and partnerships between schools, families, communities and health agencies, young people will benefit from growing up in healthier environments.

The Artists Co-ordinator role within the FHL helps to promote and support the development of these links. “Sustainability” and “Project Partners” provide information and approaches to building partnerships that can assist the Artists Co-ordinator to better understand and carry out this role.
In the FHL approach, artists, teachers and health professionals regularly meet together to plan, review and exchange knowledge. Find out more about the Professional Learning Teams and other aspects of the Festival for Healthy Living in the Guidelines for Professional Learning.

FHL’s Guidelines for Professional Learning

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Planning Together

Mary French, accomplished community artist and primary school teacher, has a natural affinity with the worlds of arts and education as well as a strong commitment to building healthier communities.

Potential Partners

A set of brief profiles to help navigate the potentially overwhelming range of project partners within a Festival for Healthy Living project, and a stakeholder mapping activity to better understand who these partners are.


A straightforward introduction to getting to know the interests, aims and cultures of potential partner organisations for short-term projects and longer-term aims.