Connecting Arts, Education & Health

Connecting Arts, Education & Health provides an at-a-glance view of vital qualities within the arts, health and education that can help connect young people to themselves, their communities and their place. This is a pared-back diagram that helps to explain the strengths that each of these areas can bring.

Festival for Healthy Living

Creative Arts for Mental Health & Connecting Communities
A Mental Health Promotion Approach


When we speak of connecting with self, others & the community/environment we mean:


Understanding Emotions, Resilience, Strengths, Creativity, Multiple Perspectives,
Identity & Empowerment


Communication, Respect, Empathy, Respect for Diversity, Team, Interdisciplinary Practice,
Authenticity & Knowledge Exchange


Sense of Belonging, Sense of Place, Feeling Safe & Secure, Cross Sectoral Collaboration,
Shared Responsibility & Interdisciplinary Practice