Potential Partners

Catholic Primary & Secondary Schools

Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne contributes to the Church’s educational mission and promotes a view of the individual and the community centred on the person and gospel teachings of Jesus Christ.

Catholic schools, in partnership with parents, provide an educational foundation that develops the whole person within a school environment imbued with Christian values.

What Do They Do?

• practise and celebrate Christian values
• provide high quality academic, social and vocational education
• are welcoming communities and promote quality interpersonal relationships
• are inclusive and safe and foster a strong sense of wellbeing
• educate students for engagement in civic and public life, involving community service and issues of social justice
• build environments focused on achievement, challenge, creativity and enjoyment

Organisational Structure and Culture

• are responsible to parents and governments for student learning outcomes
• receive assistance and support from the Catholic Education Office Melbourne with a wide range of advice and services

Why Might They be Involved in a Festival for Healthy Living (FHL) Project?

Catholic schools may become involved in an FHL project in order to promote in students & families a sense of belonging and connectedness to their school and local community.

Which Positions/Programs Within the Organisation Might be Involved?

Generally Catholic schools find the FHL program fits into their whole-school approach to wellbeing and is particularly relevant to the Student Wellbeing Strategy Theme – Building Partnerships for Learning.

Some Pointers for an Effective Relationship:

• Christian values underpin everything that they do.
• They are collaborative partners, organised and strategic in their planning.
• It can be very valuable to develop a working relationship with the Student Wellbeing leader.

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