Potential Partners

School Focused Youth Service (SFYS)


The SFYS is a joint initiative between the Department of Education and Training (DE&T) and the Department of Human Services (DHS) There are 41 service models around the state, each with a co-ordinator and brokerage capacity to respond to gaps in service availability as identified by schools and community.

What Do They Do?

SFYS aims to support young people 10–18 years old in continuing their education and in reducing the risk factors associated with self-harm, mental health issues and suicide, through developing integrated service responses by:

• assisting schools and agencies to develop partnerships and enhance existing relationships
• the co-ordination of preventative and early intervention strategies for young people
• providing brokerage funding.

Organisational Structure & Culture

SFYS is required to develop close linkages with school support personnel located within:

• Government Schools
• Independent and Catholic schools
• Community agencies in contact with young people who are no longer connected to the school system.

Why Might They be Involved in a Festival for Healthy Living Project?

  • The SFYS aims to establish collaborative structures and mechanisms between schools and the relevant youth services that support young people, including welfare, health and mental health agencies.
  • The SFYS aims and objectives are aligned with the FHL and are also a key source of funding for the program.

Which Positions/Programs within the Organisation Might Be Involved?

The SFYS has only a co-ordinator position and generally they are very involved in the project.

Some Pointers for an Effective Relationship

• Involve the SFYS co-ordinator early on in the project, as they have a solid knowledge of all the relevant agencies in the community.
• They are very task-focused and if asked for something specific they are usually very willing to participate.

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