Potential Partners

Local Government, Special Initiatives

Government money can be assigned to specific target groups with specific guidelines attached. Examples include drought relief, bushfire response, specific age focus.

What Do They Do?

• Provide a service for a specific community need
• Fill the identified gaps in local services
• Fulfill election promises
• Community crisis response

Organisational Structure & Culture

These programs are accountable to the funding provider and the local community working party.

Why Might They be Involved in a Festival for Healthy Living Project?

FHL target groups are often a match with the specific clients of special initiative programs. These programs have money designated to specific events, and we can assist them reach their participants through our connections in the community. There are often mutual goals and objectives; for example, improved mental health and wellbeing.

Which Positions/Programs within the Organisation Might Be Involved?

Generally there is one project co-ordinator and a working party.

Some Pointers for an Effective Relationship

• Make the links obvious; for example, mutual goals, mutual client groups.
• Respect their funding constraints.
• Invite the co-ordinator onto steering committees.

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