Potential Partners

Child and Family Services Organisations (C&FS)

These can vary from locality to locality but generally they are a not-for-profit community service organisation whose primary task is to assist families and children to live in safe and nurturing homes and families.

Some services may operate from the Local Council and others may be housed with church and community organisations such as Anglicare, the Brotherhood of St Lawrence or Wesley Mission.

What Do They Do?

Provide services such as family support, infants’ programs, financial counselling, men’s groups, foster care and homelessness programs.

Organisational Structure & Culture

These services are partly funded by the State government and are accountable to them as the funding body.

Why Might They Be Involved in a Festival for Healthy Living Project?

Any community venture that works for the benefit of healthier, happier families is compatible with the aims of C&FS organisations. The FHL is able to add value to services they are already providing.

Which Positions/Programs Within the Organisation Might be Involved?

Project workers such as Youth Worker, Family worker, Cultural Liaison workers.

Some Pointers for an Effective Relationship

• Ask about the organisation and how they work.
• Understand the diversity of areas within the one organisation.
• See where the gaps are and where FHL may be able to add value to their service.

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