Potential Partners

Local Government


A council is a democratically elected body that provides local government for a specific geographic area within a State. In Victoria, there are 79 councils, representing around 5 million people.

What Do They Do?

Council’s activities are diverse and extensive. They maintain significant infrastructure, provide a range of services and enforce various laws for their communities. Services provided by councils are also diverse. They include property, economic, human, recreational and cultural services. Councils also enforce State and local laws relating to such matters as land use planning, environment protection, public health, traffic and parking and animal management.

Organisational Structure & Culture

Each council comprises the elected council, which meets on a regular basis to make decisions that are in the interests of their community, plus the administrative organisation, which delivers services and ensures that council decisions are implemented.

Why Might They be Involved in a Festival for Healthy Living Project?

  • All councils are interested in what the young people of their community are involved in. They may provide services in kind to the FHL project, or individual staff may have a specific role to play.
  • Council buildings and other resources are often utilised for the projects.

Which Positions/Programs within the Organisation Might be Involved?

The Youth Worker and/or the Community Services Manager are two positions that we have worked with on projects. Their level of involvement often depends on the size of the council and its metropolitan or rural status.

Some Pointers for an Effective Relationship

• Ask the School Principals who would be the best contact.
• Find a common objective within their strategic plan with the FHL project.

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