When the worlds of arts, education and mental health promotion come together they can offer new opportunities for learning, experiencing and expressing. Artists, teachers and health professionals each bring different skills to help young people “join the dots” between their creative activity, their lives at school and home, and building stronger mental health. In this section a range of writers and presenters provide pointers, activities and illustrations to assist artists to work effectively with teachers and health professionals.

Opening to Collaboration

Learning to collaborate is a vital step to building successful partnerships between artists, teachers and health professionals. Here are some games, activities and reflections from the Artists Training Program that can help prepare artists for collaboration.

Building Partnerships

When artists and teachers work together to promote the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people they enter into a partnership, each bringing different gifts and needs, as well as a range of assumptions and uncertainties.

“Who’s Afraid Of…?”

When artists and health professionals work together, there can be mutual excitement and curiosity as well as the potential for uncertainty and nervousness.

Critical Friends

When artists and artist co-ordinators begin to work within schools, they are in an “outsider” role. Understanding this role through the lens of the critical friend framework can help to navigate this relational work.


A vivid illustration of how artists at different stages of their development can learn from each other.